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Financial Service Firm Digitise Their Mailroom Using Workstream RPA

Financial Service Firm Digitise Their Mailroom Using Workstream RPA

The Challenge

Firms in the financial service sector see massive amounts of sensitive data entering their post room and mail inbox every day, in many different formats. Manually sorting these large volumes of incoming mail and routing it to the correct departments often puts pressure on the operational efficiency of organisations. This leaves less time to focus on customers and can often increase the risk of data being lost or exposed in the process.

A leading financial service firm recently sought Inpute Technologies help in automating this long and tedious process. With the use of WorkStream RPA, Inpute were able to help them digitise and streamline their mailroom by automating the storage and routing of inbound mail.

The Solution

The Benefit

Capture: structured and unstructured documents

Classification: using template library to identify & extract data

Workflow: process for secure & reliable circulation within an organisation

Archiving: secure storage & rapid retrieval using a web-based interface

Compliance: enforces consistent & accountable business practices

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