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What a School Year Head Taught Me About GDPR Compliance

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It’s that time of the year – summer is coming to an end, the out of office replies are getting less frequent, the kids are going back to school and businesses prepare to knuckle down for the term to year end.

As my second son begins his final year of secondary school, the 6th year parents were summoned to a parent’s meeting in the school last Monday night, Aug 28th. Much to the scepticism of our students, the Year Head ran through the school calendar detailing how quickly this year will pass before the Irish state exams commence on June 6th.

We are told it is less than eight weeks until the first mid-term break at the end of October, then seven weeks until the Christmas break. In the New Year, “the mocks” (trial exams) arrive four weeks after the Christmas break, Easter holidays five weeks after that and on their return, six weeks until State Exams that will determine their academic future.

The Year Head then hits home with the reality – the current period is the longest time students will have without a break. The students were urged to use this period to work hard, analyse the work needed for the year, catch up on last year’s work and to prepare.


It got me thinking. The same timeline applies to business, and the impending GDPR legislation arriving just as the school year finishes. Businesses should be using this term to plan and implement their GRPR strategy.

It’s time to identify all data that your business captures, processes, stores and delivers. Discover where the data is stored, who can access, why it’s needed, whether you have the legal authority to keep it and who in your organisation can access the data.

To do this requires knowledge and experience.


To prepare for the impending GDPR and to ensure compliance to avoid fines, Inpute are assisting businesses in uncovering what documents they have, where their documents and data are stored and how the data and documents are being processed.

Inpute’s enterprise information assessment (EIA) service offers business a framework to study your corporate strategy, including enterprise-wide processes and technologies, that is designed to align executive vision with business-level initiatives, processes and enterprise systems. It provides thorough analysis of the current state of your corporate strategy, including processes across the enterprise, workflow, content management practices, and governance.

With our enterprise information assessment, our experts become your trusted advisors, uncovering critical components of your business processes as they support your efforts to reach GDPR compliance. Additional to GDPR compliance, our enterprise information assessment delivers long-term results in terms of technology planning, strategic executive decision-making, profitability and service.

Detailed, prioritised recommendations from our expert consultants deliver a framework to move corporate strategy forward, aligning technology initiatives with process optimisation strategies and sound project management methodologies. A full assessment of your existing resources helps you get the most from euros already spent and identifies gaps in business activities. So, you can efficiently set and plan budgets, and avoid ad hoc spending for individual departments. Tailored plans considering other enterprise initiatives, including case management and GDPR strategies.


So as school term commences and traffic congests, business leaders should take the advice of school Year Heads across the country. Business leaders should, without scepticism, realise how quickly the GDPR will be in force, and use this term to plan their compliance strategy.

Contact me or any of my colleagues to arrange your enterprise information assessment and take the first step on the road to GDPR compliance.

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