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WEBINAR, April 27th: Automate Your Document-Centric Processes with a New Set of Skills

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Automate Your Document-Centric Processes with a New Set of Skills

Webinar Details

The biggest obstacle on the road to digital transformation is document processing, capturing, classifying and extracting data from key business documents. Fortunately, there’s a skill for that. 

In this 45 minute webinar through presentation and demonstration we will outline new technology that leverages AI and natural language to streamline your business processes. Introducing ABBYY Vantage, built from the ground up this new technology is the future of document processing. Powered by ready to go trained skills that understand documents immediately. The easy-to-use, no- code Vantage Platform can be utilized to set up and train Document, Classification and Process Skills for just about any document type and flow. Intelligent Document Processing made simple and accessible.

This makes life easier for your users and accelerates adoption. Use cases presented at this event will include:

  • Invoice Capture
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Claims Processing
  • Loan Processing
  • Employee Onboarding

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