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The iPad Generation

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Over the weekend I drove close by a sailing club and recalled the volume of junior sailors crowded around a single notice board vying to view their results at a regatta in 2010.
One year later at a similar event I watched on, as parents and sailors viewed results on their iPhones and iPads as they returned to shore. Not one competitor visited the hardcopy results posted on the clubs notice board.
With the advent of mobile broadband, results can now be captured and transmitted from the race area at sea immediately after each race. Ashore, on receipt of the transmitted data, the results is processed electronically and posted online, even before the sailors return to shore.
Even in sport at a local and regional level there is an expectation that data will be captured and processed as efficiently as the technology allows. This generation, with their total immersion in all things technical greater demands.
The generation of the iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter expect that the processes in use within originations they start to work for, delivers the seamless integration, the ease of use, the statue updates and the efficiencies that they are used on their phones and tablets.
Manual and laborious processes are rightly questioned, and use of technology such as intelligent document capture solutions and workflow software is being deployed as the norm rather than the exception.
Perhaps this is the generation will finally realise the paperless office!


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