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Teleform V10.8 Released

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This new version includes updated features such as;

  • Increased OCR Accuracy. Improvements should be visible for both field-level and page-level OCR.
  • Enhancements to Purge Functionality. The Purge dialog has been updated to provide more granular control over what gets deleted and when.
  • TeleForm Service Control Application [Enterprise Only]. The TeleForm Service Control Application (tfsvcctl.exe) provides a user interface for adding, managing, starting, stopping and deleting TeleForm services for your TeleForm Workstation.
  • TeleForm Service Monitor Service [Enterprise Only]. The TeleForm Service Monitor Service is a Windows service that monitors other TeleForm services (Reader and AMP services) and can automatically restart them if they stop running due to an unexpected exception.
  • Web Capture Option User Authentication and Job Filtering. WCO admins can now enable configure WCO to authenticate WCO users and filter which jobs WCO users can see.
  • WCO Security and Logging Enhancements.
  • Enhanced Log/Tracking Functionality.
  • New WorkSite NT Export.
  • Form Template Report Enhancements.
  • Scripting Enhancements. COM Scripting API documentation has been expanded t.
  • Improved Usability:
  • New OS/Database Certifications including; Support for Windows 8, Support for Windows Server 2012, Support for SQL Server 2012

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