What is intelligent automation? Here are 3 key capabilities

Strategy Document Management

What is intelligent automation? Ask three technology leaders, and you’re likely to get three diverging answers. Some circles describe intelligent automation (IA) as “a more advanced form of robotic process automation.” So, is this definition of IA correct? Well, no. Not really. OK, not at all. AI vs IA vs RPA It’s easy to understand the lack of […]

RPA: End-to-End Automation For Content Management

Young female business RPA

All too often, the processing of what are typically repetitive, paper-based tasks is done manually — a slow and error-prone activity that’s universally disliked by anyone who has to do it. Not only is this way of working a productivity drain that depletes resources, but it also has the potential to incapacitate a business, as […]

What’s the future of RPA?

Whats Next in RPA?

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the future of robotic process automation (RPA) without talking about the future of automation as a whole and, by proxy, the future of our workforce entirely.   Before we dive into the future of RPA, let’s level-set on its history and current state: RPA has existed since the early 2000s, has been […]