What is intelligent automation? Here are 3 key capabilities

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What is intelligent automation? Ask three technology leaders, and you’re likely to get three diverging answers. Some circles describe intelligent automation (IA) as “a more advanced form of robotic process automation.” So, is this definition of IA correct? Well, no. Not really. OK, not at all. AI vs IA vs RPA It’s easy to understand the lack of […]

Automated intelligence vs. artificial intelligence: What’s the difference?

Automated intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

Are you looking for a foothold in the confusing syntax of modern technologies? Understandable, truly. Especially when it comes to terms that generate a lot of buzz and get thrown around by everyone from technology analysts to sci-fi fans. From automated intelligence, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and more, it’s tough to get a trustworthy footing. Though confusingly […]