Intelligent Document Processing for Transportation & Logistics

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The most newsworthy topic lately has been on the supply chain disruptions—shortages specifically. Every consumer and business now experiences supply chain disruption in the form of shortages and rapid inflation. Scarcity directly drives up the cost of goods, and Transportation and Logistics play a key role in this conversation. While many shortages come from interruption […]

Got Document Processing Challenges? There’s a Skill for That.

Intelligent Document Processing Skills Available Today! Today, virtually every industry and business department still rely heavily on documents in digital or printed format coming from different communication channels of input–email, fax, mobile, and scanners. These document processes put an enormous strain on operations and their employees. Looking to automate document processes? There’s a Skill for […]

End Content Chaos Now with a Document Management System

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In the new, hybrid working world we currently find ourselves in, getting control over the “content chaos” caused by the rapidly increasing amount of data and documents we create is a common obstacle to efficiency and effective collaboration. Managing this issue is perhaps the single biggest challenge modern businesses confront. According to a forecast issued […]