Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Best Practices

Business Process Automation

The world is catching on to the power of intelligent process automation (IPA). With most growth-focused organizations already on the road to digital transformation, IPA is like an express lane for furthering those efforts. What is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)? IPA includes a collection of technology tools that revolutionizes organizational processes and enables users to: […]

7 Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity

Paper Bottlenecks

Is X-ray vision part of your skillset? That’s the only way to find particular documents in a pile of paper easily. By digitizing these documents, you’ll be able to locate the one you need instantly without waiting for your company’s next benefits enrollment to offer a choice of superpowers. If you’re beginning an office automation […]

What’s the future of RPA?

Whats Next in RPA?

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the future of robotic process automation (RPA) without talking about the future of automation as a whole and, by proxy, the future of our workforce entirely.   Before we dive into the future of RPA, let’s level-set on its history and current state: RPA has existed since the early 2000s, has been […]

3 Ways to Make Software Integration Work Harder for Your Business


Integrating document management software with your ERP, CRM, payroll HR or accounting software just makes sense. Sharing information between systems enables your team to avoid unnecessary effort by eliminating duplicate data entry and improving collaboration. Integration simplifies the way data flows through your company ensuring cooperation and mutual understanding between departments. This results in increased […]

Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2022

Untitled Design (25)

The events of the past year and a half have affirmed the critical role that digital transformation plays in any organization’s ability to carry out its mission. And as we look to 2022, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly focusing their digital transformation efforts on enabling their people — and the people they serve — to thrive […]

How “Business As Usual” In The Back Office Hinders Your Digitisation Efforts

Office (2)

Keys to a back office digital transformation When it comes to digitisation and modernisation initiatives, most organisations tend to focus the bulk of their efforts on customer-facing activities like customer service and marketing communications. Still, front-office systems and processes can only do so much. Back office employees may not directly interact with customers, but 60 […]