Got Document Processing Challenges? There’s a Skill for That.

Intelligent Document Processing Skills Available Today! Today, virtually every industry and business department still rely heavily on documents in digital or printed format coming from different communication channels of input–email, fax, mobile, and scanners. These document processes put an enormous strain on operations and their employees. Looking to automate document processes? There’s a Skill for […]

WEBINAR, April 27th: Automate Your Document-Centric Processes with a New Set of Skills

Automate Your Document-Centric Processes with a New Set of Skills

Webinar Details The biggest obstacle on the road to digital transformation is document processing, capturing, classifying and extracting data from key business documents. Fortunately, there’s a skill for that.  In this 45 minute webinar through presentation and demonstration we will outline new technology that leverages AI and natural language to streamline your business processes. Introducing ABBYY […]

Automated intelligence vs. artificial intelligence: What’s the difference?

Automated intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

Are you looking for a foothold in the confusing syntax of modern technologies? Understandable, truly. Especially when it comes to terms that generate a lot of buzz and get thrown around by everyone from technology analysts to sci-fi fans. From automated intelligence, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and more, it’s tough to get a trustworthy footing. Though confusingly […]