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Share Files with Confidence and Security

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Many processes require employees to share and collaborate on documents with people outside of your organisation – from customers and vendors to constituents and auditors. However, the corporate risk associated with unregulated file sharing presents serious challenges for organisations. ShareBase is available from Inpute and meets these challenges with a purpose-built tool to implement corporate governance and encryption protocol calls.

ShareBase is an enterprise cloud-based sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organisation retains ownership and control. When used in conjunction with Inpute’s enterprise information platform, document sharing becomes an automated part of your business processes, reducing bottlenecks caused by the manual copying and pasting of files.

ShareBase allows files to be sent using password protection. Files can be prevented from being forwarded or uniquely saved on individual PCs meaning unauthorised access is prevented. The ability to support online collaboration is a key feature, while companies can maintain the much-desired corporate governance over the file, even when employees leave the company.

With ShareBase, empower users with enterprise cloud-based sharing technology and retain control over information shared outside your organisation.

ShareBase is developed by Hyland and also provided seamless integration to OnBase.

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