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Investment in HR automation long overdue – lets change that!

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Organisations are continually looking at investing in organisational efficiency in an effort to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve productivity.

While many software systems have been rolled out to meet these demands, I continually find that one department in particular is bottom of the list when it comes to implementing IT projects.

When investing in organisation efficiency, the HR department can often be a business’s forgotten child. Considered only as a cost to the business, HR can often be deprived of the investment other profit-generating departments receive.

Investment in HR automation long overdue!

As a decision maker within your organisation, and most definitely as a HR Manager, it’s time to invest in HR automation.

Those lucky few HR Managers who may have seen some small form of automation brought to their department need not count their chickens just yet. Settling for an employee database and a time and attendance platform just won’t cut it anymore. More processes can be easily implemented and streamlined and organisational risk averted.

We all know the myriad of legal requirements attaching to document management practice. The necessity of having to retain and store masses of paper documents in filing cabinets seems arcane in 2017, let alone the expensive floor space it occupies.

Accidents happen, sometimes the worst. Through floods or fire, the risk of losing legally required documents is not something you want to have in the back of your mind. Equally documents being retained past when they should have legally been removed adds more weight on to the tired shoulders of the HR department. An automated, secure storage solution is something that could massage those tired shoulders.

Everyone should understand the considerable work the HR department puts into hiring the best talent for their company. So once the talent is acquired, the HR department shouldn’t have to worry about providing a ‘shining first impression’ should they? Well yes, but like everything else we preach at Inpute – it should be automated!

Automatically triggered workflows can be just one click of a button for the HR team. With this click, workflows can be triggered to the facilities team to make sure the newly arriving talent has a clean desk and chair; the IT department can be alerted to provide a laptop, phone, user access and all the digital essentials the new employee will need. Studies have shown first impressions are vital for the long-term retention of talented staff and just like floods or fire – this should not be a worry on the minds of the HR team.

Once you’ve discovered and hired your ideal candidate, many interactions lie ahead; first 30 days are very important for both parties. There is a list of duties in front of you for a successful on-boarding process. Policies, procedures and more policies, training, manuals, inductions, introduction, product knowledge, and more but I’ve already got a headache naming all the duties, never mind implementing them. Raise your hand if you know what this process needs. Yes, you guessed it – Automation.

Combining self-service platforms and an automated on-boarding process can make your new employees initial period far more productive for you and far more enjoyable for them. Remember when you first joined the company? What would you liked to have experienced?

Over the years we feel we’ve gotten to know HR departments pretty well. We know the ability to scan and digitally store documents with automatic expiry dates would go down well. We know a transition to an innovative paperless system would be welcomed. Finally, we know providing a self-service employee portal would improve the day-to-day interactions of the HR department and their well-hired talent.

We know HR. Get to know us.

Our HR solutions can be applied in multiple scenarios in the HR function from recruitment, appraisals, training, promotions and leave management.


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