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Introducing Inpute WorkStream

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Inpute WorkStream is a highly configurable document processing platform that supports the transfer and processing of data from diverse sources including, multi-function devices (MFDs), scanners, network locations, email servers, database server and even FTP sites.

Inpute WorkStream automatically captures documents and data from any source, whether it’s email, MFPs, scanner or mobile. One or more processes can be configured to be run as each data stream flows through the application and resulting documents, together with captured metadata, is exported to one or more third party applications, network locations and even email.

Processes such as bar code recognition, image enhancement, database lookups, ICR, full page OCR, zone OCR, and intelligent document recognition are just some of the processes than can be defined.

A built-in designer allows users of all technical level to create streams by defining imports, processes and outputs using drag and drop functionality

Inpute WorkStream supports multiple simultaneous streams that provides corporates with the flexibility to leverage the platform for multiple business processes and for multiple departments. Streams can be administered to run continually or scheduled. Data flows are continually monitored with errors reported and a full audit trail available.

With Inpute WorkStream, businesses of all size can benefit from integrating this capable, efficient and flexible solution. Aiming to minimise costs of business processes, Inpute WorkStream provides a high level of increased productivity for end users, with ease of use and customer experience ingrained within the heart of design.

Inpute WorkStream is an easy to deploy business solution that can capture data from any source, route it through a determined suite of processes and deliver the data through any outflow method desired.

Customers can take confidence in Inpute WorkStream’s rich capture capabilities and feel comfortable in its ability to route documents to the appropriate resource, based on criteria and desired outcome.

Interacting with MFD’s, Inpute WorkStream opens users up to the opportunity for varied use, tailored to suit their business needs

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