Inpute are delighted to announce that we have strengthened our Secure Document Delivery portfolio by now offering Hyland’s enterprise file, sync and share solution ShareBase. In addition to ShareBase, we’re delighted to announce the acquisition of the RightFax business unit and associated staff from Softech.

Many processes require employees to share and collaborate on documents with people outside of your organisation – from customers and suppliers to contractors and auditors.

ShareBase is an enterprise product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organisation retains ownership and control. ShareBase enables users to share documents inside and outside the organisation and access them from a variety of devices.

ShareBase allows files to be sent using password protection. Files can be prevented from being forwarded or uniquely saved on individual PCs meaning unauthorised access is prevented. The ability to support online collaboration is a key feature, while companies can maintain the much-desired corporate governance over the file, even when employees leave the company.

Fax is still widely used by corporates and RightFax allows businesses to automate and protect the flow of fax and electronic documents securely and efficiently from virtually any application. RightFax enables organisations to deliver business information in an efficient, secure and compliant manner and ensure business continuity with a comprehensive range of high availability and disaster recovery solutions that ensure an interruption-free application environment.

With the addition of ShareBase and RightFax to our portfolio of solutions, Inpute have cemented our Secure Document Delivery suite to complement our Intelligent Document Capture and Document Management & Workflow business offerings.

To find out more about how ShareBase and RightFax could benefit your business, or to secure a demonstration, get in touch on (01) 5175100 or email