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Receipt Capture

Automate the Extraction of Important Business Data From Receipts in Real Time

Receipts serve as proofs of purchase, but collecting and verifying the data contained on those receipts can be costly, time consuming and complex.

Automate the capture of important receipt data (e.g., product name, quantity, vendor name, purchase date),  Inpute Receipt Capture solutions support scanned receipts as well as receipt images taken by a smartphone camera. Powered by intelligent OCR the solution has the capability to capture line level details with high level accuracy. The capabilities are optimized for companies that want to  expand the speed and cost-effectiveness of their existing capture solutions.

Do away with the hassle of retaining and filing receipts, this solution offers your organisation timely and accurate data that will help your accounts teams work more effectively.

Key Benefits
  • Accurate and timely expense reports
  • Reduce the risk of costly manual errors
  • Your teams can upload receipts from anywhere
  • Create better visibility over your company spending
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry

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