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Policies and Procedures

Inpute’s Policy and Procedure solution creates a single place to distribute, acknowledge and archive your policies.

With information stored electronically, every member of your staff is aware of the most current policies, supporting compliance with government mandates and agency standards. With Inpute, automatically send out a new, revised or cancelled policy to your staff, who can electronically confirm that they read and acknowledged it. Reports also help you manage distribution of new policies and understand who has read and acknowledged them. Using Inpute’s solution, you can create an archive of past and present regulations, policies and procedures that are critical to your agency’s work and eliminate searching for policy memos, correspondence and other reference documents.

Key Benefits
  • Quickly send email notifications containing links to policies in OnBase to the entire workforce or specific groups
  • Make policy revisions directly in OnBase, simultaneously notifying all affected employees, accelerating distribution
  • Enforce timely acknowledgment while reducing the risk of errors or oversights
  • Improve employee access to crucial information
  • Facilitate easy employee review and acknowledgement
  • Automatically track employee acknowledgment and identify any delinquencies
  • Easily notify individuals of noncompliance and resolve any issues prior to an external audit

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