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Integration for Salesforce

The Integration for Salesforce® provides an intuitive way for users to access content from their Salesforce screens, while providing an industry ­leading content services platform that features flexible document management, granular security and retention. Users have seamless access to content services capabilities like document search, retrieval, and document import directly from Salesforce interfaces without overburdening their Salesforce solution with large files. Configuration and mapping activities are surfaced within the Salesforce interface as well, tightly coupling the two applications.


  • Embedded retrieval provides sort and filter functionality to narrow down documents without leaving the Salesforce record.
  • Built ­in content viewer provides the ability to work with any file format without additional downloads or third­ party software.
  • Integrated import interface easily captures documents by allowing users to drag­ and ­drop or browse out to local or network ­stored documents.
  • Keyword validation contributes to the integrity of the data in both systems.
  • Support for large file sizes in virtually any file format allows organizations to manage any content that is required by their business process.
  • A unified configuration interface maps Salesforce objects and OnBase concepts, simplifying initial deployment and ongoing maintenance.
Key Benefits
  • Easily reveal relevant content with an OnBase viewer embedded into Salesforce screens
  • Quickly find information within content libraries  with filtered search results and sort options
  • Streamline document import by capturing directly from the Salesforce interface, eliminating the need to switch applications
  • Reduce manual indexing by mapping Salesforce data to OnBase keywords to populate automatically
  • Simplify integration with built ­in configuration, reducing custom API development and ongoing maintenance costs

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