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Sign, verify and securely route documents from anywhere with an Electronic Signature (eSignature) solution.

eSignatures enable you to remove the laborious and time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, mailing and manually validating signed paper. eSignature solutions have become an integral part of business’ operational, compliance and security initiatives in recent years. Inpute offers a number of  standalone or integrated electronic signature solutions.

Solid encryption and security features ensures the privacy and safeguards the integrity of documents, these features allow access exclusively to involved parties. The use of a good e-signature solution allows organisations to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The ease of use and speed of delivery helps to build higher satisfaction in business relationships .

Validated ID’s application VIDsigner is the safest and easiest way to obtain electronic signatures. VIDsigner is a SaaS electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios. Combing the simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics.

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Key Benefits
  • Less Paper
  • Work from anywhere
  • Reduce Waiting time
  • Accelerate business

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