Enterprise File, Sync & Share

Share your documents inside and outside your organisation and access them from a variety of devices.

ShareBase is an enterprise cloud-based sharing product designed for corporate use.

Share your documents inside and outside your organisation and access them from a variety of devices. It is an extension of the OnBase solution and automates sharing through workflow. There are three key differentiators that make ShareBase standout from other Enterprise File, Sync and Share products: ShareBase allows companies to keep control of their important documents. Administrators create ShareBase accounts using employee corporate email addresses. If an employee leaves or is transferred, rights are revoked or transferred to someone else in the organisation. This keeps company files safe and creates a higher level of professionalism for the organisation by ensuring continuity.

By interacting with OnBase, ShareBase automates sharing and notifications. When documents are uploaded into ShareBase, OnBase automatically captures them. Workflow triggers events automatically, saving companies time and effort. Using the OnBase Cloud companies can to choose which region their data is located and keeps their data from co-mingling with the data of other organisations. Each customer has their own environment with their own database, files and encryption keys.

Key Benefits
  • Retain Control of Your Documents
  • Extends Your OnBase Solution
  • Share with Confidence in a Purpose-Built Cloud
  • Admins create accounts with corporate email addresses only
  • Revokes access rights when user leaves the organisation
  • Shared links can be password protected
  • Shared links can be set to expire
  • Permissions to shared folders easily transitioned when roles change
  • Document audit trail provides insight into who is sharing what
  • Data hosted in a cloud dedicated to content management*
  • Ensures your data is stored separately from other organisations
  • Ability to choose the region your data is hosted
  • Unique encryption keys provided for each organisation
  • Single pricing model for all users at all volumes