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Employee OnBoarding

Accelerate and improve employee onboarding

Through automation, increased visibility and centralised information management, Inpute supports effective onboarding and ultimately improves the service HR provides to new employees – ensuring they are ready for work on day one.

Key Benefits

For HR departments, the Inpute solution for employee onboarding:

  • Provides a holistic view of all related information in a single location
  • Enables staff to easily track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments
  • Improves the service HR provides to new employees, ensuring they are ready for work on day one.
  • Enhances employee service by increasing onboarding efficiency.

It is critical that, from day one, new employees feel comfortable and well-prepared to do their jobs.

By completing the onboarding process efficiently and accurately, organisations:

  • Provide new employees with a positive first experience in their new job
  • Monitor the status of the onboarding process through each step
  • Better equip new staff with the tools they need to positively contribute to the company from their first day on the job

And, with our secure document delivery products, you can easily and securely share new-hire checklists, forms, and other documents with new employees to speed processing even further.


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