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Streamline your business processes with an eForm solution.

Paper forms can be costly to print, slow to fill out and send, can be incomplete and hard to read. An eForm solution not only speeds up your business process but provides more accurate and actionable data. eForms integrate seamlessly with your business process offering your organisation better insights.

Inpute offer a variety of eform solutions to suit different business needs and industries. At Inpute we understand that there is still a need for some forms to be done by paper and so our solutions are designed to take a hybrid approach to forms processing. The solutions offer the capacity to automatically extract data and process any kind of forms: paper or digital documents, hand-written or machine printed. The technology allows you to pull data from forms of different layouts whether structured or semi-structured.

When you examine how your organisation collects and processes data you will find there is any number of ways an eForm Solution can be used .


  • Create Forms
  • Manage Applications
  • Advanced Reporting
Key Benefits
  • Speed up processes
  • Create better business efficiency
  • Reduce processing costs

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