Digital Mail Room

Inpute’s Digital Mail Room solution provides for the automation of the delivery of mail whether the source is traditional or electronic (e.g. fax and email).

Organisations large and small are under pressure from the continued growth in the volume of their mail across the paper and digital spectrum. Traditional mailroom processes are slow and inefficient and are dominated by paper documents. The challenge of managing these volumes and the distribution and routing of mail puts pressure on the operational efficiency of these companies.

The Digital Mailroom automatically captures and classifies all information entering an organisation, then routes it to the appropriate person, department, backend ERP, CRM, ECM or workflow solution.

It also provides tracking and auditing of that correspondence. Return on investment is rapid, costs are reduced and significant gains in productivity and customer service are achieved. By digitizing the incoming mail process efficiencies are achieved, control of the process is gained and compliance requirements are adhered to.


Key Benefits
  • Capture: structured and unstructured documents
  • Classification: using template library to identify & extract data
  • Workflow: process for secure & reliable circulation within an organisation
  • Archiving: secure storage & rapid retrieval using a web-based interface
  • Compliance: enforces consistent & accountable business practices