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Contract Management

Gain better control over contract management while minimising risk.

Inpute equips organizations to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval to expiration and renewal, automating predictable steps while providing the information and tools personnel need to drive work forward.

Inpute contract management solutions scale to support a variety of contract types – including vendor contracts, employment agreements and NDAs – and related processes, creating a lower cost of ownership and driving value organisation-wide.

And, with our secure document delivery solutions, you can easily and securely share contract versions, specifications, terms, and agreements with vendors, legal parties, and others helping speed the process along. The natural interaction between Inpute solutions allows you to share relevant files automatically as part of the contract management solution.

Key Benefits
  • Accelerating contract cycle times and reducing operating costs, minimising time spent searching for information and manually routing documents
  • Providing insight into contract status and staff workloads, equipping organisations to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Reducing the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract milestones
  • Minimising delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approval tasks
  • Maximising existing investments by linking contracts to other systems of record

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