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Accounts Receivable

Inpute AR provides real and tangible benefits to organisations who appreciate the need for accurate and efficient order processing, resolution of client queries and good payment terms.

Inpute’s Account Receivable solution automates the process to, capture, validate and export data from hand or machine printed order forms and proof of deliveries (PODs). Documents can be captured, validated and automatically indexed. The presence of customer signatures or a customer stamp is automatically checked as part of the application of business rules.

Invalid, incorrectly read, or forms marked with exceptions or failing business logic are flagged and queued for review by an operator.  Validated data is exported automatically to leading sales order processing systems or CRM systems while the document image is storing and indexed for future search and retrieval.

Captured POD and sales order documents can be easily searched for and retrieved by an authorised user via an easy to use search application; from within the clients own CRM or sales order processing platform, or from web based self-service application from which clients can search for their own POD’s.

Inpute AR incorporates workflow which allows customers to manage and route cases such as customer queries, debit note requests and associated approval processes.

Key Benefits
  • Automate capture of POD’s using bar code, OCR and ICR recognition.
  • View POD images within 3rd party applications
  • Self Service POD – clients can search and retrieve their own POD’s.
  • Contract Retrieval – Securely scan, search and retrieve documentation
  • Case Management – Scan, assign and route electronically actionable client correspondence
  • Process automatically handwritten order forms using advanced ICR
  • View current and archived sales invoice and statements.
  • Scan and capture data automatically from client remittance advices.
  • Debit Note and Credit note workflow approval process

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