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Accounts Payable

Streamline the Invoice Capture & Approval Process

Accounts Payable poses process problems for most businesses. Research suggests that processing an invoice can cost as much as €27 and even higher if an invoice has been misplaced. By automating the AP process, efficiencies are significantly improved and costs reduced.

Inpute AP meets these challenges by automating the data capture and approval processes. Business logic is applied, validation is achieved and exceptions are flagged for review, with data automatically exported to third party applications, as required.

At the approval stage, Inpute AP routes transactions to business users for review electronically while the AP team has visibility of an invoice’s status, with approval limits and rules automatically applied. Once a transaction has been completed, data is automatically exported to leading accounting platforms.

Key Benefits
  • time, labour and costs by automating data entry and validation of supplier invoices
  • lead time taken to approve invoices
  • paper storage and retrieval costs
  • enhanced control of the AP process (by implementing structured approval cycles)
  • detailed audit trail and reporting of all AP life cycle actions
  • instant access to supplier invoices (via thin client/user interface)
  • escalation of overdue approvals or routing of un-addressed invoices to secondary approvers
  • onscreen views of outstanding invoices’ status to address supplier queries

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