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Inpute Publish RTE Case Study

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Inpute Technologies have published a case study detailing their work with the Irish state broadcaster, RTE.

“We got something that was fit for purpose, and ultimately required practically no tweaking.”

Inpute’s consistent implementation of effective solutions extended to the Irish state broadcaster, RTE. Complementing Inpute’s client portfolio of government and state agencies, Inpute’s work with RTE is detailed in this case study.

Within RTE, it is the job of the Music Returns department to provide details of its music usage to the relevant copyright organisations. The department collates details of the music RTE plays and sends these along with the transmission log to the relevant rights body. Eamon Cassidy of RTE explains that prior to the installation of the Inpute system, this was a very cumbersome process.

Prior to getting Inpute’s system,” says Cassidy, “we were managing a torrent of paper and electronic documents in multiple formats, all manually”

When music returns was paper-based, it took between three and four people to maintain operations. Following the installation of the Inpute system, the department is now down to one.

Now in place for more than ten years, the system has handled hundreds of thousands of music returns. ”Throughout that time,” says Cassidy, “it has been both robust and reliable, and the interface remains user friendly and intuitive.”

You can read the case study in full here.


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