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Achieving the paperless office is an ambition that few workplaces ever manage to pull off convincingly. At Facilities Management Company, OCS One Complete Solution however, things were particularly challenging. Head of IT Joe Scully paints a picture of an office drowning in paper.

“Basically there was paperwork everywhere,” he says. “We had bundles of invoices that needed constant processing and filing. The invoices themselves were passed around from desk to desk for different people to approve, and that meant that they kept going missing, which meant that suppliers weren’t paid on time, which meant we were looking for copy invoices all the time.”

“If a note needed to be added to an invoice, it was simply written in pen on the invoice, and these additions were frequently illegible. At one point,” says Scully, “two separate Excel spreadsheets were being used to try and maintain an audit trail. As might be expected, the process wasted a lot of valuable time and energy, and because it was all paper based, additional data entry resources were needed to transfer the invoice data into our ERP system.”

Inpute were tasked with implementing an accounts payable solution – Inpute AP. This soloution was to be a fully integrated system that revolutionised the supplier invoice process at OCS. The first step in reducing the throughput of paper in the company lay in digitising the invoices as they arrived. To that end, Inpute installed an intelligent scanning solution and scanners in OCS’s accounts payable department.

Read the full case study here.


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