Inpute’s Customised Music Returns Solution Delivers Major Resource Savings for RTÉ


The Solution

The system scans in all incoming paper music returns, indexing each using the unique broadcasting reference number that identifies each programme. Electronic returns – no matter what form they take – don’t have to be printed and scanned. They are entered directly into the system and indexed in the same way.

The system automatically matches each broadcast item with a music return. The returns are then batched and dispatched to the relevant rights body.

“We ended up with something that was quite minimal,” says Eamon Cassidy. “You get either paper or electronic documents, you put in the broadcast reference number, and that’s more or less it. You don’t have to do very much more.”



The Benefit

  • Time savings – When music returns was paper-based, it took between three and four people to maintain operations. Following the installation of the Inpute system, the department is now down to one.
  • The process is streamlined allowing employees to focus on more mission critical tasks.
  • Risk mitigation – “The system removed a hugely manual chunk of our music copyright processing. The focus was on keeping things simple and minimising the amount of user interaction required. Inpute understood and fulfilled the brief with an effective solution that has stood the test of time.”

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