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Inpute Accounts Payable Solution Delivers For Montgomery Transport Group

Delivering resource savings, halving invoice processing time and a more efficient reporting process.

Inpute Accounts Payable Solution Delivers For Montgomery Transport Group

The Challenge

The group consists of five separate but connected companies. Prior to the installation of the Inpute solution, the company’s accounts payable processes were slow and resource heavy processing up-to 200,000 invoice pages each year. Some invoices were hand-written and came in the post, others were emailed. They arrived into any one of eight different locations in the group, and all had to be manually input to the respective ERP system. The approvals process, which was managed using email, was time consuming, error-prone and lacked accountability.


The Solution

Working closely with Montgomery, Inpute implemented an OCC capture solution at invoice line level which was combined with a cloud-based workflow platform, DocuWare. All invoices, no matter where they originate in the group, or what format they take, are captured by this system.

Invoice data is validated, enriched and automatically exported to each of the appropriate ERP systems. In addition, Inpute implemented a workflow for the approval of invoices, by-passing email and retaining all invoices in a closed loop system.

The Benefit

Accounts Payable Solution Results

“There is a big saving in terms of the processing time by the accounts payable team. They are freer to focus on more value-added work elsewhere in the business.”Brian Liffey, CFO at MTG

The new Inpute solution delivers the following benefits

  • Reduced monthly transaction processing time, resulting in productivity and cost savings.
  • Reduced time spent by managers approving and returning invoices to the finance departments.
  • Significantly improved visibility and accountability within each company in relation to cost invoices approval.
  • Facilitated the finance department to work from home and not be dependent on physical invoices.
  • Allows the company auditors to review invoices for Audit sampling purposes via online access.
  • Provided significant benefits in relation to accuracy and time spent preparing annual budgets and quarterly forecasts.
  • Document management solution provided can be expanded to deliver other benefits to other parts of the business outside of supplier invoice processing.

Accountability is another area of significant improvement. Approval rules are built into the Inpute system, and at any given time, it’s possible to see where invoices are in the workflow and what actions are outstanding. That visibility is also important when it comes to reporting.

Liffey anticipates that in a diverse group, with a multiplicity of ERP platforms, the existence of a common document management tool and workflow will generate further synergies that are yet to be revealed.

CFO Brian Liffey remarked that “The guys in Inpute have been very pro-active in terms of understanding our business and delivering a very powerful and intuitive system, they have done a fantastic job . I am very pleased.”

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