ESB Networks is a separate business unit within the ESB Group which serves all electricity customers in the Republic of Ireland. It employs in excess of four thousand staff throughout the country and is responsible for the distribution network which includes 170,000 transformers, and almost 150,000 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables.

ESB Networks have over 2,500 staff who work in the field maintaining and
enhancing the electricity network. Every week, each staff member submits a timesheet containing overtime, allowance and costing information.

“I’d say the specification write-up, analysis and documentation from Inpute was excellent” Billy Boland, Payroll Systems Development Manager.


The Solution

Inpute’s solution streamlined the timesheet capture process using a solution based on Cardiff Teleform and Inpute Document Server software.  The result is a solution that captures, validates and exports both payroll and costing data from 2,500 handwritten timesheets, within the weekly payroll processing window.

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