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WEBINAR: HR Best Practices for Health Professionals

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October 10, 2019
10:00 am - 10:15 am
Speakers: Patrick Marren, Inpute Technologies

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The health industry is highly regulated and operates within strict data and communication guidelines. We all know the information we can hold on our staff, but should we be more concerned more about the information that we should not have?
1. Do your disciplinary records get deleted 12 months after the disciplinary meeting date?
2. What happens to candidate’s information who fail at interview? Do you have a systematic approach for deleting all data relating to candidates within 4 weeks?
3. And for staff who leave – do you automatically archive and delete their staff records after 7 years? In this era of GRPR, how you handle document retention and deletion is critical for your business. Inpute Technologies specialises in eDiscovery, data management and good data governance.Join us for a 15 minute webinar to learn data governance best practices in a secure and compliant manner. Click on the link below to register for our webinar on Wednesday, 16th October @ 10 am.


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