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GDPR Compliance: Capture, Process and Deliver Company Data

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Inpute’s first blog on GDPR was published on April 4th, 2017. At that time, we highlighted a then little known EU directive to our clients. The directive was an extension of existing data protection regulations. In the time since our first post, there have been books published, an industry created, conferences repeated and webinars recycled, all promising the same thing – GDPR compliance.

We’ve all heard the of the fear-inducing fines associated with breaching the rules of the GDPR, but these fines, nor the ‘Right to be Forgotten’, are the most important thing about this regulation. The most important things about GDPR is for your senior management to understand how it impacts your business.

GDPR will have unique implications for each individual business. Every business stores and processes data differently and GDPR makes understanding that data ever more paramount. The rush for GDPR compliant solutions cannot negate the necessity to understand what data your company holds and how it holds the data.

All paper documents, all electronic documents stored in the cloud or on file, all the information on databases and external drives – all data containing personal identifiable information is covered by GDPR. So, the most common question we have been asked over the last year – “how do we become GDPR compliant?”

Unfortunately, it should be known by now, there is no tick-box solution. There is no seal of GDPR compliance and no magic wand to take this headache away. Expert advice, pragmatic solutions and a deep understand of the data your business holds will help organisations work towards storing and processing GDPR compliant data.

The first step for businesses is to carry out a data audit. At Inpute we use the term, “Enterprise Information Assessment”. What we mean by an Enterprise Information Assessment is that a detailed and structured review is undertaken, department by department, function by function on how and why an organisation stores and processes data.

Following the completion of the Enterprise Information Assessment exercise, your company will have a deeper knowledge of your business processes.

At Inpute, clients and prospective customers regularly ask us to carry out Enterprise Information Assessments to provide an insight into the data their company processes. Using this understanding of a company’s processes, we have implemented intelligent solutions to aid companies journey to GDPR compliance when capturing, processing and delivering company data.

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