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Why Fax is Still Widely Used and Why You Should Be Using it

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In this age of digital disruption, rapid change and never ending emergent technical advances, there is a technology that despite its wide use is often forgotten; fax. With technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech news has devoted itself to the new, fashionable products and applications while reliable and robust solutions go unspoken about. With this new age of cloud computing and web-based applications, it is now more vital than ever to be aware of the sophisticated security risks associated with modern technology. As the world prepares for the new EU Directive, the General Data Protection Regulation (and its associated financial ramifications), data leaks and security breaches can be catastrophic for businesses both large and small.

At Inpute, we champion using technology to advance the workplace and business process. We’ve led businesses to becoming paper free offices, streamlined workflows and automated the processing of complex business information. However, as part of our Secure Document Delivery suite, we remain fully committed to the benefits faxing can bring to organisations. Companies in such industries as finance, insurance and healthcare are not the only companies who can benefit from the airtight security using fax, and in extension RightFax, can bring.

Fax can securely communicate complex information such as text, diagrams, and handwritten notes. It is a ubiquitous capability that can be added to any office. Unlike many forms of communication, fax transmissions are a point-to-point communication between the sender and receiver. A welcome feature to IT professionals is knowing fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware.

In the example of financial trading, the fact that fax is traceable and you can prove that a fax was sent or received by fax logs can be vital to settling disputes and ensuring business procedures are upheld. Additionally, fax is legally binding – a signed fax is as good as the original in many countries. The simplicity of fax appeals to most; fax is simple to use – whether it’s a fax machine, fax server, or cloud fax service. Importantly, fax can easily be integrated into IT systems both for outgoing and incoming messages.

The security of fax has been highlighted recently as the FBI have reverted to utilising the tool for Freedom of Information requests in preference over email requests. Though even with the secure capabilities of fax, there is still the risk of losing paper or information being seen by unauthorised staff. This is where a fax server can come in to play. By utilising the benefits of fax and merging them with the streamlined, paperless function of a server, a fax server can be the solution to deliver tangible ROI for businesses through cost cutting and increased productivity.

OpenText RightFax is a centralised fax server solution that integrates fax with email, desktop, and document management applications, and enables high-volume, automated fax delivery from CRM, ERP, ECM, vertical and other host applications. As the most powerful fax server in the industry, organizations leverage RightFax to build a robust communication ecosystem that is integrated and automated to reduce risk, enable compliance, and accelerated time to revenue.

Inpute, a Premier OpenText Partner and Authorized Support Provider provides planning, installation and support services for RightFax systems throughout Ireland and Europe. Get in touch today to find out how a fax server can benefit your business.


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