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WEBINAR, September 24th: Cloud-Based Software Brings Workplace Resources to the Home Office

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April 30, 2020
10:00 am - 10:30 am
Speakers: Aidan Mullin, Inpute Technologies

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Optimising Your Mobile Office with a Cloud Based Solution

In light of the current crisis, employees have taken on more while working remotely this may have highlighted some organisation concerns. Where are we storing our documents? How are our decision makers communicating? Does everyone have access to what they need? Are our files secure? How can we work remotely and still deliver the same standard of service to our customers?

Cloud-based document management and workflow automation addresses the new challenges working from home presents. Be able to do more with less, manage your organisations information more efficiently and securely. A powerful document management and process automation solution will  keep information flowing effortlessly through your workforce.

In this webinar we will illustrate how a cloud-based solution can help your employees gain easy, secure access to the information they need to work collaboratively and achieve goals.

Thursday September 24th at 10am
Cloud-Based Software Brings Workplace Resources to the Home Office

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