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Cloud-Based Software Brings Workplace Resources to the Home Office

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In the recent past, many business leaders and line managers believed that working remotely wasn’t as productive as being in the office. Today, official health guidelines make working from home (WFH) mandatory for many employees. Cloud-based software and flexible mobile apps keep remote teams connected and encourage teamwork. A cloud-based solution allows employees’ to transition to working from home full time smoothly and without disrupting daily tasks.

Cloud-based document management addresses the new challenges WFH present. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cloud-based solutions support distributed and mobile teams with anywhere, anytime access. Information moves between people and systems without a hitch and is furthered enabled by tight integration to an ERP, CRM, or other application.
  • Without moving to the cloud, an organization may experience slow VPN access to shared folders, or your cloud file share app may no longer provide the level of collaboration you need. DocuWare Cloud enables remote teams to store documents in a secure, centralized repository. They always know where to find and access documents – all they need is a browser, no VPN required.
  • Maintenance is simple. Cloud service providers assume responsibility for system upgrades and security patches –  this frees up IT teams allowing them to focus on strategic projects.
  • Cloud service providers leverage economies of scale to provide security beyond anything a company could practically do on its own.

Mobile apps and electronic signatures break down barriers

The DocuWare mobile app enables access to the cloud from a smartphone or tablet. The free app can be connected to DocuWare Cloud via a QR code or to an on-premises system through one mobile license. Employees can also use PaperScan from their mobile devices to scan documents into the system.

DocuWare’s electronic signature capabilities, which can be combined with web-based forms, keep approvals, contracts, vendor support and internal resources on track. They provide a legally binding sign-off that can be executed from a home office or client site. Electronic signatures keep processes moving when meeting in person is impossible. For example, a sales department can use electronic signatures to speed up order processing and administrators can use them to obtain to execute time-sensitive contracts.

With a cloud-based infrastructure, employees have easy access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively. The capabilities of a flexible collaborative platform make adjusting to the “new normal” less stressful and more sustainable.

Ready to learn more?

With all this in mind, the solution to your problem may not be simple enough for you to find on your own, but should instead include comprehensive conversations both internally to understand the problem and with leading vendors to find the best solution. Get in touch with one of our data capture and document management experts today by emailing to learn how a data capture system can transform your business.

This article originally appeared on Inpute Technologies are proud partners of DocuWare in Ireland. Our team of certified professionals are available to discuss your document content and case management and workflow requirements.


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