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CASE STUDY: Invoice Capture System at Graham

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With a turnover of GBP 508 million and almost 2,000 employees, Graham is one of the largest construction and asset management companies on these islands. Headquartered in Belfast but with operations throughout the UK, the company receives in excess of 13,000 invoices every month.

Jill Ross, Graham says that these documents are as diverse as you would imagine, and arrive into Grahams either through the post or as email attachments.

Before the installation of Inpute’s solution, each one of these 13,000 invoices had to be processed, coded and approved manually. Purchase orders were cross checked with invoices and delivery dockets to ensure that everything was delivered as required.

The central issue was of course the sheer volume of paper, which required substantial resources to process and validate. If a supplier called to query a particular invoice, staff would have to root through filing cabinets to find the relevant documentation. The system was slow and cumbersome and prone to errors.

Invoice were tasked with deploying an Invoice Capture Solution to capture a high volume of supplier invoices, along with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically extract and validate invoice data.

Read the full case study here.


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