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WEBINAR: The pressing need for a comprehensive Case Management solution!

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November 12, 2019
10:00 am - 10:30 am
Speakers: Patrick Marren, Inpute Technologies

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In today’s complex and fast moving  business environment, you can’t afford for your important information to be unmanaged and scattered across multiple documents & spreadsheets, notes, individual email inboxes and legacy departmental systems. There’s no visibility, no record of when and why decisions were made, and no way to use the information in the future to make better decisions.


Effective case management combines the ability to manage and process all the data that surrounds your critical yet unstructured business processes, along with the supporting documents in one single application.

  • Consolidates all relevant information in one central place
  • Implement standard processes and deadlines for case resolution
  • Enable team collaboration for faster and more comprehensive responses
  • Increases high visibility with dashboards, automated workflows and audit trails
  • Guide decisions and process improvements with process mining
  • Provides a 360 degree view of the case to all stakeholders
  • Manage and track customer engagement with web portals
  • Minimise information risk and ensure data compliance


Effective case management will increase business productivity by equipping you with the tools and processes to make better decisions. It will foster team collaboration, speed up the resolution of cases, lower the cost of resolution, and most importantly, enhance your customer experience. Join us for our 30 minute webinar to learn how case management will impact your business!


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