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5 Myths Holding Your Organization Back From The Cloud

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The days of basic data storage and retrieval are behind us. In fact, we’re not even in the Information Age anymore. We’re now in the Use Your Information to Make More-Informed Decisions Age.

I’ll leave it to someone else to come up with a catchier name.

The point is, to drive business value, your organization needs a content services platform that provides full process control, visibility into those processes, and automation tools that empower you to immediately deliver the critical information people need, when and where they need it. It also needs to be able to evolve and grow with your business.

Especially if your organization must meet the needs of an emerging, or increasing, remote workforce.

Free your IT resources to focus on the bigger picture

As solutions become more complex and widespread across your organization, the more strain it puts on IT staff tasked with supporting and expanding the platform. That’s why the future of content services is in the cloud. Investing in a cloud-delivered content services solution takes a lot of strain off in-house staff and puts the responsibility into the hands of experts who know the platform best.

That’s the real value. Trusting the experts to take care of your content services solutions for you frees your IT resources. Instead of working through a never-ending to-do list, they focus on moving your business forward.

Despite these compelling reasons to look to the cloud versus an on-premises deployment, you might still be hesitant. So we decided to debunk five common myths surrounding cloud-based deployments and highlight the true benefits of a cloud content services platform.

5 cloud myths … debunked

Still holding on to these fables about the cloud? Here’s the reality, according to the results of a survey by IDG Resource Services.

1. The cost of running our solution in the cloud is too high

68 percent of business and IT leaders actually cite cost as an advantage of the cloud.

That’s because, while in some cases the initial cost may seem higher, there are actually a number of factors and costs to consider for an on-premises content services platform. These aspects, which really drive up the price over time, include:

  • Server hardware and maintenance
  • Support staff
  • Training
  • Disaster recovery challenges
  • Extended deployment times

Clearly, cost is a fable.

2. It’s too big of a risk to leave our data security in someone else’s hands

52 percent of business and IT leaders listed security as an operational advantage of the cloud.

Meanwhile, only 22 percent said security was an advantage for an on-premises deployment. So let’s wave goodbye to that folklore.

The right cloud provider will constantly evaluate and evolve its practices to protect customer data. With experts taking care of your security, you remove the strain and cost of internal teams trying to keep up with, and prepare for, constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

3. Our performance and availability will take a hit by relying on a SaaS platform

78 percent of business and IT leaders cited availability as an advantage of cloud-based platforms.

In fact, moving to a hosted content services solution can actually reduce downtime of applications and offer up to 99.99 percent availability – a downtime of (at most) 52 minutes a year!

Myth, destroyed. Employees, served!

4. Hosting our platform in the cloud gives us less flexibility to change it

70 percent of business and IT leaders believe that choosing the cloud actually gives them more flexibility than utilizing an on-premises deployment.

Just as you and your staff are experts in your field, the engineers who manage cloud platforms are experts in their field. Working with a hosted solution means working with the people who built it. This makes your deployment faster, and can provide valuable insight into the options you have when evolving your solutions.

See you later, flexibility fairy tale.

5. We can’t trust a cloud solution to keep up with our industry and government-specific regulations

44 percent of business and IT leaders listed compliance as an advantage of the cloud.

Researching and implementing the right processes and reporting are colossal tasks. Partnering with a cloud-based solution provider that has experience in your industry and region removes the burden of keeping up with the ever-changing world of regulatory compliance.

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