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5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

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5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

The lockdown might be easing off for many, but the global working-from-home reality is not something that will come to a close. In this new business environment, of an unprecedented amount of the workforce working from home the question of how information flows throughout your organisation has never been more important. Inefficiencies in an organisations communication processes, specifically how they manage mail, can have negative impacts on many aspects of business from hindering work to your customer relationships.

Having the ability to process business correspondence the moment it arrives and route it to the correct person to action and respond immediately is an invaluable asset. Inpute’s Digital Mailroom Solution uses Intelligent OCR technology to capture data from multiple sources and fast track your workflows. This cost effective, high impact solution not only improves organisation productivity but also offers a unique competitive advantage.

Here are 5 key benefits that organisations are seeing with a Digital Mailroom:

1.Save Time & Reduce Operational Costs

Manually sorting and filing mail whether it be physical or electronic is a time consuming and monotonous process. By automating the mailroom process your organisation can reduce time spent filing and distributing document and concentrate on work that drives forward your mission.

Automating this work has an impact on operational costs as employees can work more effectively. It also eliminates costs associated with human error.

2. Better Allocation of Resources

The digital mailroom ensures that business correspondence is automatically processed the moment it arrives. Intelligent data capture processes and sorts the information ensuring that internal workflows are accelerated. This reduces the need for human effort, time that would’ve been spent filing and distributing documents is eliminated. This frees up resources to focus on more productive and cost-effective tasks.

3. Improve Customer Service/ Business Relationships  

More than ever organisations are turning to new technology to help exceed their cutomers expectations. Human error is a fact of life, when a company is manually processing a large amount of correspondence to different departments each day mistakes often happen. This sort of mishandling of mail can have a direct negative impact on an organisations customer service. By automating this process you can remove this risk and improve customer satisfaction. Faster response times to correspondence not only improves customer satisfaction it also improves your business relationships with suppliers and partners.

4. Increase visibility and control/ security 

For many organisations, vast amounts of both paper and digital documents flow through the enterprise. Many of these documents contain sensitive and confidential information which means there can be no security breaches or mistakes in their distribution. A digital mailroom solution offers an organisation increased control over delicate information as they can set the right levels of access. It also ensures the business has vital data at their fingertips when and where they need it.

5. Competitive Advantage 

A Digital Mailroom solution gets the right mail to the right person or team allowing them to action correspondence instantly, cutting time and the risk of errors. Improved efficiencies and better business relationships offer organisations a great competitive advantage. Additionally, when it comes to attracting talent, strong processes and a lack of manual administrative work can mean a more engaged workforce.


Inpute, with the use of WorkStream RPA, help organisations digitise and streamline their mailroom by automating the storage and routing of inbound mail. See the Digital Mailroom in action by reading our recent case study here.


Ready to digitize?

Many organisations today strive toward a paperless office and a digital mailroom is the first and most impactful step towards this goal. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your digital transformation journey get in touch today by emailing




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